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Friday, July 2, 2010

A small break from woodworking

I've had to reduce my shop time, temporarily, because I am making the cake for my son's wedding on July 11th. I finished up the top ornament yesterday, which gives me some time off before the actual baking and assembly next week. I'll post pictures when it's done--I'm pleased with how it looks so far. Since many of my woodworking ideas have come from my experience as a cake decorator, it was fun to go back to my "origins" and see how many parallels exist.


  1. Carole
    My wife used to make cakes. I loved eating the scraps. I did not like wedding cakes. It was my job to deliver and help set up. What do you do with a pothole? Dodge it and rock the cake, or hit it and bounce the cake? And the little girls that would always run around the cake getting closer and closer, and that lady who just HAD to stick her finger in the icing. Do those same people go to All weddings? Bowls are better.

  2. Something to be said for wood v. icing, that's for sure! But icing does taste better . . . .

  3. I was wondering why I have not seen you post over on SSCW of late. Such a big day for you in a few days. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the cake, Dont forget to post a few on the off topic forum.