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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dust collection system for the drill press

In addition to making dust while sanding, I also create quite a mess with Forstner bits. So, I needed to supplement my box fan and filters with something that could handle coarser material. I considered making a device which would hold the shop vac hose in place, but found a commercial product that seems to work quite well. Several different nozzles are available, and this wide one gathers dust and debris from a large area. Other nozzles can be placed closer to the drill bit.

I spent several hours sanding today, which gave it a good test run. When I did this much sanding down at the community shop, I needed to vacuum my hair, arms and clothing. Today, I barely needed to clean up. I don't know how the shop vac will hold up under such constant use, but for now, between the two systems, I have an effective, inexpensive way to keep things relatively clean.


  1. Glad you like the vac system Carole. I also bought the system and like it, but I noticed on larger bowls it sometimes gets in the way when sanding. I have the same drill press as you, and I think I will shorten the hose to see if that helps. But it sure does help with the dust. I noticed from your picture I have my filters on the wrong side of the fan...maybe if I would set it up correctly it would work better.