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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buying dyed veneer

Colorful dyed veneer is ideal for dressing up wooden ribbons and bows.  Unfortunately, the most common sources of this type of veneer, stores like Rockler or Woodcraft, sell it only by the pack, which gives you no control over the actual size of the pieces you're buying.  This can be wasteful, depending on your project needs.

A reliable source for dyed veneer sold by the individual piece is Constantine's.  I've probably mentioned their store in a previous post, but as I'm still getting inquiries, I thought it would be worth mentioning again.  Shipping cost is on the high side, but the overall cost is lower than any other place I've found, and if you place your order by phone, you can specify the dimensions you need.

In addition to the bright colors, I absolutely love the black dyed veneer, which comes in two different thicknesses.  It's wonderful for adding drama, and a lot cheaper than ebony!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's next?

I'm trying to use these cold days, when the shop is pretty much off-limits, to start planning out new projects for spring.

Specifically, I will be making an all-out effort to get plans published for more advanced bowls. This will be quite a challenge, since I need projects that move the art forward, yet are not too frustrating for the typical scroller.

I'd also like to make more use of veneer, especially dyed colors, for laminations and glue-ups--ideal for holiday-themed projects. Although I generally use natural wood colors, some projects really need that extra jolt that's not found in nature.

But it is very frustrating, not being able to move things ahead the way I'd like, or posting news of my latest projects and discoveries. However, it should only be a matter of weeks before I'm busy making sawdust again.  Can't wait!