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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Watch that dust!

We disassembled our heater, and here you see 2 years' worth of sawdust.  It's not as bad as I feared, but  means that we need better dust collection, and also need to be more attentive to cleaning the heater.  We're currently looking into a dust collector for the garage for the tools that have 4" ports, and will try to create an effective dust collection system for the Hegner, and for the sanders that are chucked into the SandFlee.  Of course we always wear dust masks--would hate to think of that fine stuff coating my lungs.  I can't imagine how anyone could work without the protection of the basic 3: dust mask, goggles, and hearing protection.

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Etsy store is up and running

For the past few years, my focus has been on creating innovative and interesting projects for the scrolling and woodworking community.  As a result, I've accumulated a rather large inventory of artwork, with no place to display it.  Selling was a logical next step, but this is not something that I'm comfortable doing.

So, I was delighted when one of my sons offered to set up an Etsy store for me, and to handle the sales.  He took several boxes, photographed them, and created a really lovely site.  We'll see how it goes, and take it from there.  He's asked for feedback, so if you have any comments, they'd be very welcome.

Here's the link: Carole Rothman Scroll Shop

It's good to be getting back to woodworking.  Baking is still fun, but how many loaves of bread can anyone eat?

Friday, January 11, 2013

What is Amazon doing with my box book pricing?

Talk about weird!  For reasons that make no sense to me, Amazon has listed my box book at full retail price for the past few days.  Needless to say, sales figures have dropped dramatically, which is no surprise.  Barnes and Noble has also listed it at full price, but Buy.com has it at a discount.  The bowl book is discounted on all those sites.

When my bowl book first came out, I noticed that there were price fluctuations for the book, of a dollar or two, on Amazon. When I asked my publisher what was going on, I was told that they had no control over what Amazon did.  The pricing seems to have nothing to do with how well the book is selling, so it's a mystery to me what is going on.

I would be really angry if I purchased a book at a particular price then found it on the same site, a few days later, for many dollars less.  I would also be upset if any of my readers paid more than they intended to--just doesn't seem fair.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wiring, Day One

We're off and running!  Two good friends are helping with the wiring.  So far, my function has been mainly to supply coffee and do the lunch run, but here and there I'm able to lend a hand.

The main shop tools, and heater will be in the garage.  We'll also be wiring the basement for a table saw and sliding miter saw, and, of course, dust collection.   A plywood wall was built to make it easier to hang things, and all the wiring will be external to make any changes, and inspection, easier.  Next step will be to bring the wire up from the basement.