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Friday, July 9, 2010

Cake update

Started baking at 6:30 AM, finished cleaning up at 6PM. Cakes are filled and waiting to be covered with fondant icing, stacked and decorated. I stayed out of the shop all day--feels funny to have a day without wood. Also too much tasting of the batter and icing. Tomorrow should be fun as the cake takes final shape--can't wait to get to that part at last. Also, not used to working these hours anymore. Appreciate the support out there--thanks!


  1. It's great that you get to make your son's cake. I actually did some cake decorating myself before I got into woodworking! I have a question about a spindle sander. Since I've bought your book and started to make some bowls, I've noticed I really need something like that. I don't have a spidle sander, but I'm looking into buying a guinevere basic sanding kit to use on a drill press. Are you familiar with the inflatable drum sander that comes with that kit? How does it compare to a spidle sander?

  2. Another cake decorator turned woodworker! We should start a special interest group.

    About the spindle sander, I find the Gunievere ball sander invaluable. I use it chucked into my drill press. I also bought the inflatable drum, but the diameter is about the same as the ball, so I hardly use it. I do use the tiny drum which can get into tight spaces, and plan to get the extra long one, which is also smaller than the ball.

    That said, I find an oscillating spindle sander very useful for rough sanding of ring insides, and for shaping necks and bases. I bought a Jet spindle sander. It was more expensive than the other table top sanders, but I wanted a tilting table and the ability to take a 3" spindle. I use it when I want to remove wood quickly, and use the Guinevere tools for more precision work. And the ball is the only tool that can sand tight bowl interiors without gouging. The flexi-pad sander is great on bowl exteriors, and can also handle interiors if the curves are gentle.

    Hope that answers your question. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know.

  3. Thanks so much that helps alot. I think in the interest of cost, I'll start with just the ball sander instead of the whole kit. I think I'll be saving up for the oscillating spindle sander because the ring insides are what I'm having trouble with. Thanks again.