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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Re-sizing a lid

If you've made scrolled boxes with conventional lids, you know that an ideal fit can sometimes be difficult to obtain.  I accidentally cut this box just a bit too small for the lid, and to fix the problem, decided to cut a new lid.  For a custom fit, I traced the outside of the box onto the lid pattern, and used this as my cutting line for the inside of the lid.

After cutting, I checked the size before I glued the lower piece to the top of the box.  Next time, I'll just cut the box a little proud and save myself some trouble!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Band saw extension table

We rarely buy wood this large, but the legs on the kitchen table we're building required a good-sized piece of 12/4 cherry.  Before running it through the table saw, it needed to be cut into manageable pieces, and the band saw was the best tool for the job.

To ensure stability while ripping, we constructed a simple outfeed table.  When used with our heavy-duty roller stand and a cabinet that was almost the right height, the wood fed easily and safely.  I stood on the outfeed side to help control the wood and adjust for the blade drift.

The rest of the trimming will be done at the table saw, then we'll give it some passes through the drum sander (which handles wood up to 4" thick) to make sure the thickness is uniform.  Then Joe will taper the legs and cut the mortises.  Still need to figure out what to do for the top--something attractive but practical.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The completed acrylic box

Not exactly a quick and easy project, but we solved the problem of using acrylic when you can't cut factory-perfect edges.  The base has a raised plywood insert to hold the top in place. The upper part of the molding, which hides the plywood edges, is offset slightly to facilitate the removal of the top.

Next time we'd do things a little differently, but this one worked out quite well for a first attempt.