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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Updated way to make a box

At the Saratoga Spring's woodworking show, my demo included an updated way to make a scrolled box.  This video describes the process.  If you've been making these boxes the usual way, I think you'll find the new way quite an improvement.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First project from the new shop

It seemed fitting that my first project would reflect my intention to continue work on more advanced bowls.  These are bowls that typically use two or three blanks, have curved sides, and are more time-consuming to make.  They may also have to be glued up in stages to allow access for sanding the interiors.

I included a picture of the completed bowl, as well as a picture before any exterior sanding was done.  For sanding the interior, I used both the regular and mini sized round inflatable, as well as the long inflatable drum.  For sanding the exterior, I used the regular round inflatable for the "valleys" and the 2" flexible pad sander for the rest.

I brought the bowl to the NWA show at Saratoga Springs this past weekend, and had fun teasing the turners, many of whom had no idea you could do this with the scroll saw.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Northeastern Woodworker's Showcase this weekend

Just a reminder that I'll be presenting this Saturday, from 2-3:30 PM, at the woodworking show in Saratoga Springs.  I'll be discussing various aspects of "my" type of boxes, and demonstrating some techniques.  It's always an amazing show, with lots of quality vendors, and I'm glad I'll have plenty of time for shopping!

I was pleased to be mentioned on the flyer, and my brickwork vase, pictured on the flyer, was given a nice award at last year's show.

If you'll be there, be sure to come over and say "hi".

Friday, March 8, 2013

Using a flex shaft for bowls

Well, I decided it was time to try out the flex shaft I bought to use with the chuck on the SandFlee.  After connecting all the parts, I gave both the regular and mini round sanders a tryout.  I was not sure how to hold the bowl securely with one hand, but found that placing it on my work table gave me all the support I needed.

It was a pleasure to be able to get into the bowl without having to worry about scraping the top on the chuck.  The bowl I'm working on has lobes and is curved inward (will post pix when finished), so inserting the spinning sander was a little daunting.  However, as long as I remembered not to put the sander down while it was still spinning, I did just fine.

So, I can now say without hesitation that using a flex shaft does allow options not possible with the drill press, and that control of the bowl itself is not as much of a problem as I feared.  The top of my table is masonite.  If it were anything harder, I'd probably put down something to protect the wood.