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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another use for my scrollsaw and for Weldbond glue

I used the scrollsaw to cut down the cake drum to just under 18", so it will fit in the packing box for transport to the wedding. The board is covered with satin, for an attractive presentation and another board is glued to the underside to make it easier to move the cake. This picture shows the glue-up on the underside of the board. And tomorrow I bake!


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  2. Great idea Carole. Did you ever think that you would be using a scroll saw as part of your cake decorating.

  3. Never thought of it. Used to use a jigsaw with a blade like a knife to cut cakeboards--much easier this way. And I'll use the saw to cut 1/4" dowels into short lengths to put into the bottom layer to serve as a support. Much easier than trying to cut then with a serrated kitchen knife.

    Now to find a way to use my mixer for woodworking . . . .