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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A really nice project from "Tucson Ron"

I just received the first response to my invitation to send photos of your projects, a picture of a very lovely and creative vase made by a scroller/woodcarver from Tucson. I thought that you'd enjoy seeing it, and perhaps be encouraged to share your own work. Here are Ron's comments about his work:

I have just completed a special project that I would like to share with your readers. The wood is African Walnut and the carved section is Bass Wood. I laminated 1-1/2 inches of Basswood to both sides of a 4" wide length of the African Walnut. I made 4 blanks that were each 3/4" thick. 2 were cut for the center section which left the inside areas for the neck and top. 1 was cut for the 3 ring bottom section. 1 was cut for the 4 ring top section. I used your Oval Bowl pattern and set the table at 28 degrees left side down. The ring widths were 3/8 inch each. The finish is semi-gloss Deft Clear Wood Finish.

One of my other hobbies is woodcarving. I have carved many spoons and also like
relief carvings. I carve with a group call the "Western Whittlers" here in Tucson. I have shared several of my bowls with the carvers and two of them have been inspired to also do some bowls.

I have taught 4 individuals one on one and they have all produce a very nice first bowl. Two men that had never before operated a scroll saw and two women that also had never operated a scroll saw but were very accomplished sewers.

After having made about 25 bowls is seems that I have come to favor the rectangular patterns with only 2 rings. I call them dresser trays. They work very nice for holding keys, wallets, and cell phones on the dresser at night.

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