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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tight, but it fits!

With colder weather, and in accordance with my condo's rules, the car has to be garaged overnight in our one-car garage. We put all the tools on mobile bases, and although it's a tight fit, it works. Shows what you can do when you're really desperate for your own shop.


  1. Hummm how do you get in and out of the car. I know your on the slight side but I don't think your that thin. Of course you could always go thru the windows...Half joking but how do you get in and out of the car?

  2. The tools and cabinet are positioned to avoid the car doors. Took a little bit of rearranging to do it, but it works. We also put some tape on the far side of the garage to line the car up. And then there are always the windows . . . . .

  3. I swear you must clean your shop/garage after every use Carole...maybe I need to park my car in the shop once in awhile so it gets cleaned up. How do you like that vac system for the Hegner? I bought one a few years ago but it didn't seem to work all that well for me.

    Larry in Hawaii