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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Old items, new uses

As I continue editing the manuscript for the new box book, I'm struck by the way we get locked into using tools and materials conventionally.

For example, baking parchment, which is silicon treated, is a good alternative to wax paper for keeping clamps from sticking to wood during glue-ups. If you can get the heavyweight kind, it will last almost indefinitely.

And, for getting epoxy into small holes, a #3 cake decorating tip works much better than a toothpick. Use plastic wrap or a glove to protect your finger, and push the epoxy right into the hole. Drop the tip into a small amount of acetone to clean it when you're through.


  1. I have been using an old scratched Silpat baking sheet in place of wax paper for some time. I cut it to shape and then glued it to my press. Just a quick wipe with a rag when I'm through and it's read for next time.

  2. Well, I guess Silpat trumps plain old baking parchment. But what a neat idea!