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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Professional photo shoot

I had the really neat experience this week of having process photographs for an upcoming magazine article taken by a pro. It was actually a lot more work than taking the shots myself, since I needed to have the project ready to shoot in various stages of completion.

I'm pleased to say that although my own shots are not as photographically polished as the pro's, I think are just as clear for teaching purposes. Since I now have all the work done for the new box book, (33 projects proposed, with 10 to 25 shots per project) I feel confident that my very low-budget photos (often taken with one hand on the wood and the other on the camera) will do the job.


  1. Well Carole it depends on your point of view. You want to make the best picture to instruct the photographer wants to show the best picture to impress. I sure am glad you have the final say.

  2. Actually, it worked out really well. I had taken some shots of my own, so I was clear about what I wanted, and she was really receptive. I think showing her my book, and all my process shots helped her to realize that I'm not exactly a "newbie". All my materials for the piece are now submitted, and I just have to wait and see what happens. It's cool to get paid for having fun.

  3. So when does your New Book come out??? I am so excited for real...

  4. Probably next December. They don't decide for sure until they have all the materials. There are lots of edits to go through, then it has to get printed in China. I'll keep everyone up to date. Thanks for asking!