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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Service Temperature Range of glue

As I watched the flame flicker on a new project I was testing, I began to wonder whether the slight warming of the wood adjacent to the candle would cause the adhesive to soften and the petals to fall off.

I had a spec sheet for the adhesive that I used, Titebond Instant Bond, that gave the service range for the glue, which is the temperature range it will hold without weakening.  For the Titebond, it was up to 100˚C (212˚F), which was far greater than I needed. The wax used for most tea lights melts at 140˚F, and the candle is surrounded by a metal or plastic cup.

I've seldom need to look at spec sheets, but it never hurts to know as much as you can about the products you use.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Revised and expanded bowl book in the works

One of the reasons I've not been posting lately is that I've been busy working on a new, revised edition of the bowl book.  It's scheduled to come out this spring.

I've reworked the first chapter to incorporate updates on tools, blades and techniques, and there will be additional projects added.  Details are not set yet, but I'm quite excited about the opportunity to get my newer ideas together in one place.  You do learn a lot in ten years!