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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Useful equipment for gluing

With many of my newer projects using veneer, I've been forced to face the reality that smearing glue with my fingers is probably not the best technique to use.  I was intrigued by a few pieces of equipment featured in a Rockler catalogue that looked just right for my purposes, and took advantage of a free shipping offer to give them a try.

I've long used silicon brushes for baking, and have been impressed with how easily they cleaned up.  This silicon glue brush is angled, and perfect for spreading glue.  The silicon tray holds just the right amount of glue securely, and although I haven't used the spreader yet, I'm sure it will help spread the glue on larger pieces of veneer.  It reminds me of how you spread thinset mortar for tiling.

So, although I tend not to buy the latest "gimmicks", this was certainly money well spent!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back in the shop--hooray!

Well, couldn't do too much today, but I did manage to finish the laminated bowl that was featured in my latest gluing video.

The main wood is quarter sawn red oak, center ring is redwood burl, top and bottom rings are nogal (like walnut), and black and white veneer dress it up.  The construction was not difficult, but the slight warping of the veneered pieces is what led me to make the video.  I had too much costly wood invested to give up, and as you can see, the joints came out nice and tight.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Haven't disappeared, just recuperating

And just as the weather is getting warm enough to make some serious sawdust!

I'm trying to create a new type of bow, a little loopier than what I've done so far.  I'll need to do some prototypes from scrap wood before I invest in the veneer that will bring them to life.  Hope that tomorrow I can run off some patterns and get the process going.

I found a source for many more colors of veneer than I've seen previously, and if it works out, will pass along the source.

I'm used to being fully functional--now I'll be sure not to take that for granted!