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Monday, March 25, 2019

Easy angle tutorial

Although all instructions for making scrolled bowls provide cutting angles, it's sometimes useful to be able to compute your own.  You might, for example, have wood that's a little thicker or thinner than used for the project, or might prefer to use a wider or narrower ring.

While the computation of the angle is not difficult, the Angle Calculator at scrollmania.com is not only a calculation app, but a self-contained tutorial that clearly shows how the three variables--wood thickness, ring width, and cutting angle--are interrelated.  Enter any two of the variables, and the third is automatically calculated.  You can even enter fractions, and they are automatically changed into decimals.

Even if you don't plan to design your own bowls, it's interesting to see just how the interrelationship actually works, and this is the clearest presentation I've ever seen.