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Monday, December 31, 2018

Woodworker's Journal now has a scroll saw department

It's very encouraging when a high quality, mainstream woodworking magazine like Woodworker's Journal decides to add a scroll saw department to its lineup.

All too often, woodworking magazines are quick to assume that their readers don't regard the scroll saw, or projects made with the scroll saw, as something worthy of notice.  By contrast, Woodworker's Journal has long been receptive to projects made with the scroll saw, and recently confirmed the interest of their readers in a survey taken by publisher Rob Johnstone.

Ironically, when I've shown highly skilled, professional woodworkers some of my work, the response is often amazement, and the comment, "how did you do that?" is typical.

The first article of the new department, which I was pleased to be asked to write, included some of the less well-known uses of the scroll saw, as a way of saying, "Hey, folks, maybe it's time for a second look at that dust-covered tool hiding in a corner of your workshop".

I'm hopeful that this new department will translate into more interest in the scroll saw and its uses, and help provide years of pleasurable woodworking for a larger audience.