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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yarn bowl experiment

I had never heard of a yarn bowl until I attended a recent crafts fair and saw one made of ceramic.

It's a bowl meant to hold a ball of yarn and keep it from rolling about while you're knitting.  I located lots of pictures online, and created three prototypes.  Since I wasn't sure if they would really work, I brought them to a local yarn shop today and asked if their knitters could test them out and give me feedback.

I'm eager to see what they can tell me, and what suggestions they have.  Once I know what changes, if any, I need to make, I can work on plans for one to submit for publication.  I'll post pictures of my prototypes when I get them back, along with the feedback I received.

If something is going out under my name, it had better deliver what it promises!

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