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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Too sharp an angle, too little room

Round bowls are very forgiving, but once you move into shapes with tighter curves, you have to be sure that you can sand the lowest ring.  After I lost my first blank because of the lopsided pattern, I had to reduce the size of the pattern for the next attempt by 1/2" so it would fit the wood I had.  I forgot that the effect on the bottom edge of the lowest ring was likely to be dramatic.

Sure enough, even with my little round inflatable, there was no way I could sand the lower edge into a rounded shape and still have enough wood left to glue on the base.  I gave it my best shot, but sometimes you just have to give up.  These are views of what the top and bottom of the lower ring looked like, before I realized that it just wouldn't work.

I solved the problem by re-cutting the lower rings at a slightly smaller angle, which gave me more room to maneuver.  For the next petal bowl, I'm going back to my full-sized pattern.  Should make the sanding a lot simpler!

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