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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Garage or basement for shop?

I thought the garage in our new house would be a natural for the new shop. However, it turns out that the cost of insulation, wiring, and heating the larger space may be more than we planned.

So, we're now considering making the shop in the basement, which appears to be dry, and seems to hold the heat pretty well. At this point, we're awaiting final estimates for wiring, and then we'll asses the situation and make a final decision.

It's frustrating, since there are so many projects I want to get to, and videos I want to make, but this is too large a decision to rush into. Hopefully, in a few weeks it will be resolved, and I'll be making sawdust again!


  1. Hi Carol, I have a similar problem, my garage is loaded with all of my new tools I bought this Summer. There'e hardly enough room to walk around.

    2013 will be a lot better I have the plans for my new shop, my garage is 540 square feet and the new addition will add just over another 1400, giving me a total of 1900+ sq.ft. I can not wait, hoping to have it completed by this time next year. Then maybe I can give all my tools a good work out.

  2. Sounds really exciting, Steve. Your new shop should give you all the room you need, and more! Hope it works out as you've planned.