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Monday, October 8, 2012

Photographing your work

Whether you're submitting your work to a magazine, posting to a blog, or just sharing with a friend, a little attention to detail can produce a photo that does justice to your work.  Here are a few tips:

First, be sure that the background is not distracting.  A seamless background can easily be made using a table placed against a wall, and a sheet of poster board.  Prop the poster board against the wall lengthwise, with about half resting on the table.  This should give you sufficient area to completely surround the project.

Be sure the picture is in focus.  Unless you have a steady hand, or your camera has an "anti shake" feature, use a tripod or some other way to stabilize the camera.

Use natural lighting if possible.  If you must add light, position the lighting on both sides of the project to prevent shadows. If you are using only one source, try moving the light until you're satisfied. If shadows are an issue, try draping a handkerchief or thin cloth over the light.

And finally, take pictures from different angles.  You can do this by rotating the project or by moving the camera.  Upload them to your computer for a closer look, and to "tweak" them, if needed, with editing software.

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