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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preventing cherry from blotching

As some of you may have discovered, cherry tends to blotch when finished, and benefits from a wash coat of thin shellac. Since I usually use shellac, either by itself or as a sealer under lacquer, I haven't had to think about this for some time.

However, when creating the first version of this serving tray, on the right, I decided to use an oil finish (Boo's Mystery Oil--which is totally food safe) directly on the wood. I completely forget about the possibility of blotching, but that's exactly what happened. Once there's bread and cheese on the the board it won't be very visible, but on the next version (using a revised pattern as well) I used a wash coat of spray shellac, rubbed it down well, then applied the oil. Although the color wasn't as rich, there was absolutely no blotching.

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