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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fitting my new Dust Bee Gone mask

When my new Dust Bee Gone mask arrived, I discovered that it was just a little too big for my face. I was pretty sure that the youth mask would be too small, so after consulting with the woman who designed the mask, I got to work. I detached the mask from the lower tie, and trimmed off about a half inch. I then basted the parts together to secure them for machine sewing. I also trimmed off about 3/4" from each end of the lower tie, which meant removing the velcro pieces and repositioning them. When everything was fitted properly, I sewed the pieces securely into place with my sewing machine.

Now the mask fits perfectly, and I look forward to giving it a "test drive" in the shop tomorrow. Among the features that attracted me was the fact that you can talk without having to remove the mask, a terrific advantage if you do demos involving cutting or sanding.

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  1. It fits perfectly, Carole! =) This is perfect for the dusty environment you’re working in. If I’m not mistaken, this is also called the “nuisance” mask simply because it prevents irritating air particles from entering your lungs.

    Darren Gatti