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Monday, October 24, 2011

New experiments

In a search for a way to dress up my "cakes", I took advantage of the knowledge base of folks on the scroll saw forum, and decided to play around with fabric paint (thanks, Kim!). I tried using the squeeze container itself, then found I had better control with a small bag made from parchment.

This is not baking parchment, which is treated with silicon to be non-stick. It's the parchment used to make disposable cake decorating bags, and is created from a triangle of whatever size you want. Instead of a metal tip, you just snip the end, which allows you to use every bit of the icing (or paint!), then you throw it away when you're finished. As you can see, I was able to get small dots, which look great when piped all over a cake, as well as a beaded border. The paint dries firm, and looks as though it won't fall off with handling.

I am also experimenting with flocking, and found that liquid fusion glue (a non-foaming urethane glue) worked well to adhere it to the wood. Last on my list is using stencils. I bought some small punches of various shapes, and found that by backing both blue tape and green (frog) tape with wax paper, I was able to punch out shapes. I'm planning to punch out a strip of shapes, like hearts, remove the wax paper, attach it to the "cake" and use acrylic paint to stencil the design.

As soon as I have something completed that actually uses some of these techniques, I'll post it. And if you decide to "play", please send photos of your results!

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