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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The last project to make it into the book

This project was not among the original group of boxes for the book. However, since there was such a time lag between the submission of the materials and the beginning of the editing process, I had time to work on some new projects.

The chapter on boxes that look like miniature furniture capitalizes on the band saw box method of construction. I took one of the projects (a cute little chest of drawers) to a logical next stage, and added a hutch on top. The hutch needed some decoration, so I added some photos and little objects. The result was so cute I just had to include it in the book. What I like best about this type of project is that it can easily be personalized with scans of meaningful pictures, book covers, invitations, etc., just like I used to do with my cakes. I used pictures of my parents' wedding, and of my sons, as well as scans of some scroll saw magazine covers. The possibilities are endless.

The book contains patterns and instructions for making the little objects, as well as for the china cabinet itself. I flocked the drawer interiors since they are difficult to sand well, and purchased small brass knobs that screw directly into the drawers. The project requires some care and attention to detail, but is not at all difficult, and should make a great commission piece or very special gift.

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