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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An early holiday project: A pivot arm menorah

I came across an interesting design for a menorah while browsing in a Judaica store. It is based on the arms pivoting around a rod that goes through the ends of the arms. I did some online research, and found that concept described as a traditional mid-Western design. I also found instructions for a candelabra using that mechanism, but with the arms facing down, as well as various posts on woodworking forums from people who had experimented with the concept over the years.

I found the design in the store attractive but knew it could be made far more interesting. I changed the shape of the arms to resemble Hebrew letters, and used a much smaller and thicker base, with an interesting shape. A touch of contrasting wood was used for color and added interest.

Here are some pictures of the menorah, which was made for a friend who loved my prototype. It can be positioned in a variety of ways because of the way it is made. If anyone is interested in making one, just use the email address on this blog, and I'll send you a pattern and set of instructions.


  1. me encanta el diseño y el cambio que le hizo. Podria mandame las instruciones para hacer uno igual. Gracias