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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A better foam brush

When I applied the last coat of Waterlox to my bowl, I used a cheap foam brush whose plastic support snapped almost immediately. This forced me to hold the brush by the foam itself, and made it impossible to remove excess oil from the foam. As you know, I did manage to get a good coat on, but it was a struggle.

Yesterday, while browsing in a waterfront hardware store, in search of bronze wool (more about that in a future post) I found a much better quality, made in the USA, foam brush. The foam was longer and denser than on the cheaper brush, and the head flexed without snapping. Being a big spender, I popped for 4, at 25 cents each. I did some online research, and found that it is readily available on many sites, including eBay.

The manufacturer is JEN, it's called a poly-brush, and it comes in the standard widths. If you like using the disposable foam brushes and have not been satisfied with "big box store" quality, you should be happy with these.

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