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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shop is up and running

Well, the tools are finally in place and I've started living in my new "home". Only the bandsaw remains to be assembled, but all my basic tools are up and running. The space we're using is a one car garage which must still be usable to park a car (condo rules), so we put all the heavier stuff on mobile bases and can get the car in without difficulty. We rigged up an adapter for the sanders so we can use the shop vac for dust collection, and we're using a box fan with two filters for the drill press. Here are some pictures of the main wall.


  1. Looking good Carole. Just think how much more you can create now with your own shop. Best of luck.


  2. Thanks, Doug. Now I have to work at not spending the whole day in there. Best toys I've had in years!

  3. Hi Carole, Your shop looks great. I sure like the looks of those Jet sanders. Are you finding the box fan with the double filters work good for collecting the dust from your sanding drill press?