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Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Make a Box Fan Dust Collector

If you do a lot of sanding with your drill press and would like to make a dust collector like the one I posted, you'll need a 20" box fan, two 20" furnace filters, and some masking tape. One of these filters should be a standard one, and the other should be one with a higher rating that is meant to trap smaller particles. Here's how to do it:

1. Tape the two filters together so that the standard one is on top of the finer one, with the arrows pointing away from you.
2. Place the box fan with the back side facing you. This is the side into which air is drawn. You'll feel the breeze on the opposite side.
3. Tape the joined filters to the back side of the fan. The air will first go through the regular filter, then the finer one, then out the front.
4. Place the dust collection system close to your drill press, filters facing the drill press. You should be able to see the dust fly into the filter.


  1. I have read for along time that the box fan and filters do work and I do use the box fan in my shop to keep me cool while I cut and one on the floor for the dogs to cool down...but after seeing that dirty filter I guess I will need to pick up another fan for this purpose as well. I just didn't believe the saw dust would be drawn into the fan...but seeing is believing. Thanks Carole for the pictures

  2. I think that for professional woodworkers, to get rid of fine dust more effectively, getting a festool dust extractor is more beneficial more expensive i think but on the long term its a better solution, and for less space and ease of transportation the Festool CT MINI is a nice piece of thechnologie, and it can collect dust while you're using your power tool at the same time.

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