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Friday, December 18, 2009


Felt inspired to glue up some scraps as though they were plywood. The result was so interesting that I decided to go with a bowl so the inside would show, rather than a vase.

Coincidentally, I was just given a "gift" of some old plywood bedrails that are just gorgeous. Got things glued up, and should have some results soon. It's a real low-budget, low-effort way to get some really interesting effects, and I can see why it's catching on in the lathe community.


  1. Carole
    Way Way Cool. I think I see book two in the making.

  2. Thanks, Roger. Still waiting for Book 1 to make it to Amazon--any day now, I hope. I'm keeping good notes for book 2, just in case . . . but am always happy to share tips and techniques regardless of what happens.