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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New use for old scraps

It's hard enough to throw away scraps without having your partner go through your trash bin and remove what you've put in.  Joe regularly eyes my scraps, particularly those from bowl blanks, and removed two sets not long ago.

He re-sawed each the pieces to create thinner pieces that were book-matched, glued up some veneer for the inside decoration, then created an outside frame to pull everything together.

Now I don't even both throwing larger pieces away.  I just set them aside and look forward to some creative recycling.


  1. I'm always the one sneaking off and hiding my husbands scrap pieces. It seems to be a competition at this point; me hiding scraps and him searching for what I've hidden. ( I'm winning of course. 😉) I think he gave up looking and conspicuously leaves the scraps out or puts them in a pile for me. 😋 It is, after all, his fault I got into woodworking in the first place...😜

  2. Hard to part with those scraps, isn't it? :)