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Monday, November 7, 2016

Oval open segmented bowl

I'm into oval shapes these days, and worked up one in an open segmented version.  The trick was to keep the segments the same size all around the circumference while using my usual wedge method for this type of bowl.

Here's a picture of the bowl and what the rings looked like from the underside, once cut.  I sanded the remainder of the wedges from the center so I could use it for the base.  An alternative would have been just to use another thin piece of wood.

Same technique as I've been using, but the different shape gives it a totally new look.


  1. Hi Carole
    Was part way through my first oval bowl when i saw your blog on the open segmented version. Definitely the way to go. I note you comment that the insert segments should be kept all the same size. I would have thought that the same angle would have produced larger pieces at the 'pointed ends' of the bowl. Presumable you must have changed the angles used to define each piece?

  2. You're correct, David, which is why I had to find a different way to construct the segments. This involved using the circumference of the oval as a starting point, rather than angles, and wedges that had been pre-cut to the same size. It worked, but was too seat-of-the-pants for my taste and not suitable for a published project.

    I revised my method, and the new bowl (which I've submitted for publication) is even nicer and much easier to cut. Its segments are full length, and they all start out the same width, but change in an orderly way as the rings get smaller since the end pieces have a more gradual taper. I also used a single-cut method, rather than the double-cut in the one posted, so the segments become thicker with each ring. This gives greater stability at the bottom, easier gluing, and no loss of attractiveness. I do hope someone wants to publish it, since it's really a neat project. Thanks for your interest.

    1. I hope it gets published soon so I can get to use it during my current 'oval phase'.

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