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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Face grain segmented bowl

Quite by accident, I tripped on a way to make a segmented bowl that had only face grain showing, without needing to cut angles.  This one was made from some 1/2" oak and padauk strips that I had lying around.  It's meant as a prototype, but I plan to see how far I can push this technique now that I know it works.  So many new things to explore . . . . .


  1. Great to see the 'no end grain' bowl. I've been toying with this idea for a little while. I think the contrasting inserts draw the eye away from the join line of the 4 pieces. As you say 'so much to explore'. I recently obtained some reclaimed Cuban Mahogany from a 1880's billiard table the someone was scrapping. The legs are turned up to 7'' diameter, with the grain running up the length of the leg. I've cut some 3/4'' discs from these and plan to make 'no end grain' boxes.

  2. Sounds like a real find. Old mahogany is just gorgeous!

    I'm always trying to find ways to create the look of projects requiring more sophisticated and time-consuming techniques, using the scroll saw and "work arounds". I have more to do with this "no end grain" technique, but not quite sure just yet where it will take me.

    That's the fun of it! Good luck with you new project.

  3. can you explain the how you did this in more detail?

    1. In the next issue of Fox Chapel's scrollsaw magazine, check out instructions for how I made the lid liner for the Christmas Rose Box, using two different blanks to get a lid liner with all face grain on the outside.

      If you make one more series of 2 cuts to get eight segments, but insert a contrasting strip between each of the two pieces after the cut, you'll end up with the blank. Try it with two pieces of scrap, and it should become clearer.