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Friday, January 2, 2015

The Heart Cupcake Box

The last cupcake in this series features "candy" hearts.  Here's the inspiration:

And here's the version as a wooden box:

The lid was cut from ¾” thick zebrawood, and the hearts cut from 1/8” yellowheart and purpleheart, and also from maple, veneered with pink and red dyed veneer.  The sides of the veneered hearts were painted to match the tops.  The piping was done with MUD, a compound that pipes from a pastry bag and dries hard like wood.  For the tiny letters, I used a #0 piping tip.

Here are the patterns for the hearts.  You will probably have to resize them to fit, or just draw your own.

Hope you've enjoyed these additions to the cupcake project featured in the Spring, 2015 issue of SSWC, and are inspired to create your own delicious variations!

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  1. This is a great post; it was very edifying. I look ahead in reading more of your work.