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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The completed acrylic box

Not exactly a quick and easy project, but we solved the problem of using acrylic when you can't cut factory-perfect edges.  The base has a raised plywood insert to hold the top in place. The upper part of the molding, which hides the plywood edges, is offset slightly to facilitate the removal of the top.

Next time we'd do things a little differently, but this one worked out quite well for a first attempt.



  1. Another nice job Carole, now you have to find something to put in it.

  2. Steve, it goes to my son for the non-edible top layers of the wedding cake I made for him last year. It was custom sized to fit. However, it came out so well, we're tempted to make one to highlight a special project. A bit fidgety to make, but not difficult, and a lot cheaper than trying to buy one.