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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Second project from new shop

I'm determined to use as much of my stored wood as possible before buying or re-sawing more lumber. This bowl used part of a piece of teak I've been storing for several years.  Teak cuts very nicely, even though the silica it contains is hard on blades.  The oiliness is controlled by sanding just before gluing, and I used spray lacquer which I find to be pretty problem-free.

In addition to the teak, I used cherry and purpleheart for the decorative rings, and maple and mahogany veneers and thin wood.

The sanding and shaping was demanding and took a long time.  Even then, it wasn't perfect, but I know my limits!


  1. Another very nice bowl Carole. So what do you do with all of the projects you make? Do you do your resawing with a bandsaw?
    When I start building my shop at the end of June I will be posting all of the construction phases on my blog, you will have to check it out, you will be impressed.

  2. Steve, still haven't figured out what to do with the stuff I make. I'm slowing down now so I can tackle more intricate stuff. Main aim is to publish projects so everyone can have fun.

    Yes, we resaw with the bandsaw, usually cutting up a whole bunch of wood at a time. Much cheaper than buying thin wood, and lets me get just the sizes I need. That's why I got the drum sander--need it to finish off the surface.

    Let me know when you start building your shop--sounds very exciting!

  3. Hello Carole
    Stumbled across this Blog, a new take (for me) on segmented bowls!
    You have done an excellent job on this bowl, and all sandpapered too!
    Can't help wondering if you ever got a Lathe, ...would you ever look back? Must keep an eye on this blog.