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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wiring, Day One

We're off and running!  Two good friends are helping with the wiring.  So far, my function has been mainly to supply coffee and do the lunch run, but here and there I'm able to lend a hand.

The main shop tools, and heater will be in the garage.  We'll also be wiring the basement for a table saw and sliding miter saw, and, of course, dust collection.   A plywood wall was built to make it easier to hang things, and all the wiring will be external to make any changes, and inspection, easier.  Next step will be to bring the wire up from the basement.


  1. Carole hopefully you come up with a real good dust collector for your basement, it's really hard to contain all fine dust from large power tools. I have a General International with a 1.5 electric motor, with a large filter on top and a collection bag below, it is ok but not good enough to extract all dust. When I build my new shop this spring I will look for a lot better system.

    Using EMT for your electrical is a real good idea just like you said very easy to add onto, there is nothing worse than tearing into a finished wall to add other circuts. Most of my new power tools are 220V. so it will cost a fair amount to wire it, I am glad I am capable of doing this myself as it saves me a lot of money. I can buy more tools!!

  2. Steve, we intend to really control the dust in the basement. That's why all the sanders are going upstairs to the garage, and only the sliding miter saw and table saw will be in the basement. One of our friends is very good at designing dust collection systems, so we will tap into his knowledge. His first task is to design one for the scroll saw, since there's nothing out there that works very well.

    And given the cost of heavy wires and such, we are very fortunate to have friends who have the skills to do the electrical job. Materials alone are really expensive, and if you have to add labor, it becomes ridiculous!

    Thanks for your comments. All suggestions are very welcome!