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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The new shop starts here

OK--it's nothing to write home about at this point. What is not visible is that the walls and ceiling are now insulated, which will help a lot when we get the heat in. If you've seen pictures of my previous shop, you'll notice that the tool lineup is the same. What has changed is that I now have use of the full bay, since the car will go in the second bay.

Planned are a drum sander, and a dedicated dust collection unit. I'm hoping to get one that can be rolled around to the other tools that take a 4" port, such as the belt sander. I'm also hoping to fit an effective dust collector to the scroll saw, something I haven't had in the past.

Electrical work is scheduled for early January, at which point, weather permitting, the shop should be usable.

I'll post updates as visible changes occur, but did want to get the process going.


  1. Looks like you have lots of room in there Carole, I just purchased a new General Canada 10" cabinet saw and another bandsaw should be here within the week. When they arrive I will not have any room to move. Really looking forward to June so I can start building my new shop.

  2. Good luck with your new shop--sounds like you've got some neat new toys!

    We've got the heater mounted to the ceiling, and are looking forward to getting the wiring in next week so I can get some heat going, which will let me start setting up for work. Can't wait!