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Monday, September 5, 2011

Back in action, finally!

Well, whatever it was that had me laid low decided to leave, and I was able to get in a full hour and a half sanding, finally, without breaking a sweat.

Thought I'd post some of my prototype Judaica projects, two "hamsa boxes". I tried two different styles, using inlay and InLace, and think I'll combine the two so I have an inlaid box lid with Inlace instead of wood for parts of the eye. This was my first serious inlay attempt, and I did pretty well at hiding the entry holes, using advice given by inlay "guru" Jim Collins, who does some incredible scroll saw inlay.

Still have several other projects up my sleeve, and am trying to incorporate different techniques into them, or create different versions. It's fun to get back to creating new stuff!

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