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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Drill press safety

The more I use the drill press, the more I respect it as a serious tool that is incredibly useful, but also dangerous if the piece being drilled is not held securely. The photo shows a quickly assembled fence I rigged up to stabilize some wood I had to drill. It made such a difference that it's going to be replaced with a more permanent one. The permanent fence, being narrower, will also allow easy clamping of smaller pieces of wood, important for saving both wood and fingers. I'll post pictures of it, once it's been finalized.


  1. I agree with you Carole regarding safty. Never thought of the safty facton with the drill press untill while drilling a hole the bit caught and flung the board across the shop...I sure did duck fast!!


  2. Larry, I just read an story of someone who lost part of a finger by being struck from something caught by a large Forstner bit. I am now also wearing eye protection regularly, as well as the other protective gear, and watching my sleeve length. And I'm extending my cautions to all other spinning devices, such as sanding mops, that can catch and hurl things. Easy to just think of the bigger tools, like table saws and band saws, and to forget the smaller stuff.