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Friday, January 28, 2011

The kitchen is warmer than the garage

Since it's been too cold to work in the garage, I've been staying warm by baking up a storm. To keep from forgetting how to make and post videos, I decided to shoot a video series on making a cookie that is no longer available. Made by Sunshine, no longer in business, they were called "Golden Fruit Biscuits" or something like that. Hope you enjoy watching, and baking.


  1. I sure miss the Sunshine company's cookies one of my favorite was the Hydrox. I call them the adult Oreo. Your video remineded me of these rasin cookes. I hadn't thought about them for years I guess because they weren't in the stores. But thanks for posting the instructions. I used 50/50 rasins and golden rasins to clam down the strong rasin flavor. Comming from an Italian cookie I was surprised there weren't any hazel nuts in them. But they are great as is.

    Thanks again Doug

  2. Glad you tried them out and were happy with the results. I'm amazed at how many people loved the original cookie, and was pleased to find a recipe I could work with. And a video is such a neat way to get the word out.