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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sanding tip for bowlmakers

After several years of making bowls, I've developed some techniques that really make a difference. This one is helpful for getting a nicely rounded lower edge on a ring before you glue it to the base. Turning the ring upside-down makes it much easier to see irregularities. You can also see how much wood you have to work with, so you don't risk having too little wood for gluing.

The ring should be angled as you sand, but if the inside face does not come out quite right, you can "tweak" it when you turn the ring right side up.


  1. Carole what is the sand paper your using in the photo. I like the 'fingers' to help prevent scratcing the ring if you get to close to the top. Been there done that.

  2. Carole: I took another look and I can now see that you are using the inflatable ball. Which I also use, to prevent scratching. I thought you were using a drum. But thanks.

  3. Doug, I used the ball to prevent any possible gouging at the lower edge. I just wish the ball also came in a smaller size for tighter curves.

  4. Reading your comment about a smaller bowl reminds me that I do have some small bowl shapped bits on my Dremel. I use it to carve out for some inlay work on my bowls. Haven't used one of the bowl shapes yet I'll give it a try on the inside edge at the bottom of the bowls. But better go at a slow speed you could take off to much to fast.

    Looking forward to your new book