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Monday, May 17, 2010

my shop is actually happening!

Sorry I haven't been posting--I've been too busy cleaning out the garage to make room for my new "mini shop". So far, the drill press is up and running, spindle sander has to be returned because it was damaged, and scroll saw and combo sander should be here later this week. An old cabinet will do as a work surface, and we'll add storage as we go alone. Here's what it looks like so far--updates to come. Any ideas for small shops are welcome!


  1. What spindle sander did you get? I recentaly went the super cheap route with a (on sale) $79 Harbor Freight model.

  2. I went high end, and got the Jet, since it had a tilting table and an optional 3" spindle. Unfortunately, it arrived damaged and had to go back, but they should be sending another one soon. I figure these are the first and last tools I'm likely to get, so I'd go with what looked most useful for my purposes. Hope yours meets your expectations--spindle sanders are surprisingly useful little tools.