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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A shop of my own, at last!

After several years of using a community woodshop, I'm finally cleaning out our one car garage so I can get my own tools. Fortunately, for the work I do, all I need is a scroll saw, drill press, spindle sander, and vertical belt-disc sander combo.

Having my own "shoplet" will also let me shoot videos more easily. Videos made in my kitchen are OK, but sometimes just a little limiting. I'd love to be able to make videos "on demand" to answer any questions that come along.

I'm starting to research drill presses and sanders, so if any of you have any good (or bad) experiences with particular pieces of equipment, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Same for any good ideas for working in a limited space.

I'll post pictures in a few weeks--wish me luck!


  1. Congrats on getting your own shop. Nothing like having your Space!

  2. Thanks, Roger. We're in the demolition mode now, which should take another week or so, then we'll start figuring out what should go where, and get the necessary electrical work done. I've got my new scroll saw set to come in about 2 weeks, and then we'll figure out how much stuff we can add and still get the car in. I am sooooo excited!!

  3. hi corole
    I have read your tutorial but I have still a question. how can I colorize inside the woods? when I put some pieces of wood in ink, just outside of wood will be colored.

  4. Not sure what tutorial you are referring to, but I only use the natural colors of the woods because of all the sanding. There are many nice colors--bloodwood, purpleheart, yellowheart, canary wood, padauk--that give contrast with the regularly colored wood.